I Would Change You Darling


How many times have they whispered your name as you walk by

They point at you across the hall

They giggle as you go into class

I know that you notice them when they do

But do you listen to them

Because if you do darling I want to change just one thing about you

I want you to be able and see yourself through my eyes

See how much you are worth

And show you that their words can’t hurt you

Help you to see how amazing you are when you smile

How cool it is when you laugh

Show you that it is ok to be different

Help you know that you better than their words

And when you stand there alone you are standing there strong

I know how hard it is to face them everyday

But if I could I would change just one thing

I would give the gift to you to see yourself through my eyes

So that you can see how much you mean to people

That way you can see how beautiful you are inside and out

If I could make just one wish to change one thing

I would wish for you Darling

To see yourself through my eyes

To see how amazing you are and much you mean to everyone

Because I know that you are worth it

I just wish you could see it too


~ You are worth it ~


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