Thu, 02/06/2020 - 13:36 -- 201553

When i feel lost, 

 I feel sad, or happy, or thoughtful,

I simply walk on the beach. 

The seasalt air circles me, 

Hovering and holding promises of adventures.

My bare feet stand in gentle waves, swirling around my ankles.

I look out, or up, or everywhere, and I see it;

The ocean.

But it’s not just the ocean - it’s nature.

It’s important, it’s sublime, it’s not me.

I’m just an insignificant part of this scene;

The dot you miss on the canvas.

But when I look out over the crashing waves, 

And I see endless blue as far as i could possibly imagine,

I believe in everything.

I can write a poem, or a song, or anything that I’ve ever thought possible

Because if the ocean is that endless, that serene

Then anything I do because of it will be the same.


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Our world
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