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Is it what we hold dear?   And is it what we can expect other to hold and tether onto us?   But honor is the sacred truth that others may hold against us.  
You handed me your luggage All of the things you've brought And the heaviness is killing me The struggle is my only thought   I wonder what you've put in these I wonder what I'm carrying.
Mystery is draped around her like a cloak, Or perhaps a burial shroud. It darkens her heart and burdens her soul.  The sky has heard her screams.  "I AM PROTECTING THEM,"  She cries. It's lies. 
We don't want to walk with GodWe want God to walk with Us.Like He hasn't given so many reasonsFor us to give in and give up- Our sense of controlBut in reality, by not surrendering,
My thoughts Are falling down my throat -- I didn’t want them to tip over.
One look has more power than a lightning strike for in her eyes you can see the impending storm The fierce clouds that once colored the distance
Like stars we are born Proud and loud But as time goes on Some will fade While others shine with waxing strength
Love is a burden that few get to share. Some know of it, only they don’t care.   Loneliness is a burden, one you will never share. But what you don’t see is that love can make your burden disappear.  
Everyone has a time in which they question themselves, Question thier very existance. It can make the strongest and happiest people crack. When you feel like your life is shattered glass 
I chose to write today Having been gifted with literacy Gifted with the words I say Have power, the authority To bear truth, God-given knees Bent in prayer, wholly broken  
Blows harsh hits of rality with strikes so hard they cause internal bleeding. The wounds appear to be only surface deep but mentally these wounds cause mental catastrophic fatalities
I intend to leave my footprints wherever I go Where I'm going only the heavens know I'm going to live my life,not fast, but slow Indulging in the hardships of becoming successful Walk in my shoes, my life is anything but a joke Travel from being h
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
Part I: The Path lit by Darkness Dear little light, My little light, Why did you fly away? The Darkness has come and taken me, Now who hath I to help me see?
I've always been told be all you can be "On the rate you're going you have so much to achieve" That's what I would tell myself yet, to some that's not what it seems Make straight A's become All-Area and 1st team
I’ve grown cold, numb to the hurt I used to feel because of you. Never will I shed another tear because of you. You played me. Us I no longer see the world through innocent naive eyes. You made me grow up.
Ah, Life. The Great Uniter, The Great Divider. So many burdens to bear, so many battles to fight, so many ways to fall. Are you strong enough to walk, powerful enough to run this race?
(poems go here) I heard before that the road was long But I never imagined I’d have to be this strong It feels like you’re asking so much of me Burden so heavy I can barely breath
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