I'm Not Everything But I'm Something


United States
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I've always been told be all you can be
"On the rate you're going you have so much to achieve"
That's what I would tell myself yet, to some that's not what it seems
Make straight A's become All-Area and 1st team
Don't let that girl outshine you she's taking your dream
Even though it's 12 am I'm waking you up to clean
Practice to 9 pm never had time to sleep
High school has been hard the stress fills my head with steam
So much pressure from all those around me
Be this be that and do this do that there's not enough time in the world for me
So overwhelmed on pleasing family
I'm just trying to be all I can be
I feel lost cause' I fall short of what they want to see
Feeling empty is a daily routine
I finally get time to sit and dream and this is when it all hits me
You're so caught up in what people want you to be
Be everything for everyone girl you're only 17
So I bow my head and pray that I could conquer all these things
But God says, "This isn't what I want for you just wait and see"
Making me realize you can never be everything
But baby please believe all you need is a dream
Be who you want to be and listen to what God thinks
All you need is Jesus and the dreams you dream
Life was filled with struggles that weren't even my own
But when I prayed to God he guided me when I felt alone
A darkness no human being could see, but God was there for me and will always be
I'll change the world some day some way but not by being everything everybody wanted me to be
A family pleaser I will no longer be
I'm everything they each want me to be
But best believe I am something.


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