The Path lit by Darkness/Overcoming Darkness

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 21:04 -- lhill14

Part I: The Path lit by Darkness

Dear little light,
My little light,
Why did you fly away?
The Darkness has come and taken me,
Now who hath I to help me see?

Dear little light,
My little light,
Why must you go away?
I miss you, O’ I miss you,
Please little light stay.

Dear little light,
My little light,
I have lost my way,
The Darkness is all around me,
And the other lights have faded away.

I’m alone in this Darkness,
No light, No sound,
I’ve been forsaken,
And will never be found.

Part II: Overcoming Darkness

O' what’s this, what’s this that I see?
Is it my little light returnith to me?
No, but wait, it can’t be,
Not one or two, but a million lights I see.

They rise me up, and light my way,
Through the darkness, I'll never stray,
More and More my lights surround,
The Darkness that I had found,

And now that I can see,
And the little lights have returned to me,
The Darkness can no longer take hold,
And conquer my sanity.


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