The WORLD is yours


United States
34° 6' 56.1744" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

Blows harsh hits of rality
with strikes so hard they cause
internal bleeding. The wounds
appear to be only surface deep
but mentally these wounds cause
mental catastrophic fatalities
Dreams of success might as well be as far
as mars because in reality
Im dreaming you could say stranded in an ocean
no lifeguard, im slowly choking
feel like my life should be revoking
that same sentence is a vivid
description of my life. buy hey
check it like the Taurus I am
I charge taking life
lessons by the bull horns making
careless mistakes as if I ain't
care anyway just a young soul
with great ambitions tryna make a living
stealing from the riches just to maintain
my own daily expenses. This ain't the life
I chose but it's the life I'm living this life
that was apparently given the hand that
I'm dealt with. Failure isn't an option
when you surrounded by corners
no exit no outlets so you make
ways create doors even if
they don't fit into your
merely battered existence
all the reason to be vindictive
and I'm living with a vengance
to exemplify and illuminate my
greatness that lies inside
because I know the world
is yours for the taking is a
just and true statement


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