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WARNING: this one is inspired by stories from victims of WW2 and the Holocaust, so it's a little gory.    We know freedom Like the cockroach knows freedom: Raw, trembling freedom.  
Today is May the 25th and it's Memorial Day.We're paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA.Many brave soldiers gave their lives.We're paying tribute to the ones who didn't survive.
They left us marching two by two And came home one by one
look what can you see? these men shooting at me and us shooting at them on both sides we are dying   oh look, i’m shot at i’m bleeding and calling for my mommy lying on my side
I've risen up from the bottom I’ve free fallen from the top I'm down to earth But the free fall never stopped I was eventually battered by the waves
You are the ones,  Who defend.    You are the ones,  Who protect.    Be honored,  Young or old.    No matter what war,  For you, we respect.   
#Day2 - August 2017   Love shot down like a thug on the street..   Heart shattered like broken glass on a beat..   Sound waves rumbling through my head like a stampede..  
My dear little flower, Bloom, keep on blooming, And never stop. For the rain will flood. For the wind will break. For the earth will crumble. For the clouds will darken. For the fire will burn.
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
A walk through Washington D.C. would be incomplete Without a stop at a trickling fountain - The object of a thousand dreams And pennies flicked up high, Like the work of our forefathers
Ex-Army Boy, Sapper Boy.
tired soldiers  giving up?  it's not over  so keep your chin up  breath deeply; calm yourself  it's not always easy  make this one count  find peace; no matter how fleeting 
The American Dream By Ryan G. and Joseph G.      The nation I reside in holds a dream To live a life of wealth and to prosper
You fight with me You fight for our land You fight with we You fight to stand   Your fight has come Your fight must be won   You fought for me You fought for our land
What twists of fate could bind thou here, in a hopeless path of loss Danger lurks here, to thrive in one’s fears; lost souls listen not to the bells
 Oh Say Can You SeeThe faces of manyWho have servedBy The Dawn's Early LightTo the depths of the nightThe ones that continue to work What So Proudly We HailHard-won freedom’s taleAnd those who suffered that griefAt The Twilight’s Last GleamingWith
The bright, yellow paint is chipping. The  ivy vines are climbing the walls. The war had started and it was abandoned.
Tombs, tombs, thousands of tombs - As far as the eye can see. The blood of patriots spilled - To water Freedom's sacred tree.   How brave they were, O God indeed, To fight and die for me.
The sky lays low tonight like a blanket of a flag on a deceased man eagles fly no more and the world we once knew is covered by a blanket of dew But that dew isn't water
Words can’t even begin to describe On account of I ain’t no scribe But I got say I hope I make your day When I tell you the truth You are a hero to all us youth
The first crack is the worst, 
Do not fear my dear for i shall return to answer your prayers. Our eternal love.   Do not worry my sweet your kisses will provide me the trength I need to return home. Our eternal love.
Thank you to those who gave me the opportunity the live my life. To those who sacrificed their lives for the lives for others. To those who stood up for what they believed in. To those who knew right from wrong.
Lights sparkling, snow falling. Family's laughing, cookies baking. Stories being told, gifts being wrapped. Socks and slippers. Chilli and soup. These are a few of my favorite things.  
Superheroes are not those in capes They are the ones in drapes Covered in rags They suffer and have to go day to day Not knowing if they will live or die Whether they will eat, drink
"First step's so called education, next we bring assimilation. We keep you passified so you will follow" Send out the soldiers & fill up the prisons, Stand in line for superficial pleasures
A Rest in The Forest
Hungry on the streets
Your eyes now so rough that were once so soft, Your hair cut so perfectly short. In the past we’d see each other often, But now we see nothing of the sort. The clothes you wear are different than most,
A haze of smoke hung thick through all the air; The cries of dying men echoed 'round.  The light from booming cannons showed an eerie glare, Twisted figures lay strewn upon the ground.   
  Crips and Bloods, robbers and killers. Crips and Bloods, murders and stealers.
The alleyways are littered with broken bottles Bleeding amber liquid A fixer Another boy pulls the trigger  And paints the dirt with Something blue  
Oh my goodness this gun weighs a ton Too much weight gave me a strain; I wonder why I have this gun   At last, we have the enemy on the run 
You will never see How much you mean to mommy Killing to save lives
He is an American soldier. Before he enlisted he was just a boy, He was undisciplined, scruffy, and a little pudgy. Before he enlisted he was just a boy, He had no manners and no respect for authority.
Stressed like a lioness defending her young, Knowing that in the face of danger she could not turn and run, So God bless the soldiers, and the heroes they become, For only in the hearts of them can wars ever be won.
Illuminate the darkness,
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
The dirty beasts Scuttling around Keeping to the shadows Trapping Biting Saving for later Waiting For the opportune moment To kill. Fantastic in duty, Unappreciated by man
oh soldier, do you cry at night?
I walk in and sit down. You don't look at me, but I see you. 
Through distant hills that call to me, Along the forests filled with trees. Over roaring rivers and crystal seas, Your voice of laughter floats in the air.
Ooh farewell Ooh farewell Sorry to see you go My hopes where For you to come home again Praying for the sun to shine on you Never to be rained on by falling bullets or falling bombs
Being a father, being a husband, from the other side of the world; though I feel like I am in another world. The moon reminds me she is here with me. The shine flashes her love, keeping me safe as I sleep. Days get longer, go on forever.
Little soldiers fall from the sky; Trying to capture the world below. Dressed up in coats of fair color—dive Down from their ships above—come.   Pouring from ships of light air
Soldier Who Soldier who trains all day and night And counts the days until departure who is conditioned and unyielding who is a dog tag and bayonet whose hair is always shaved
Somewhere in the darkness A former soldier, if such a thing Woke to glacier sweat sheets around him   A slight girl pressed against his bedside--
You're a note sent from heaven, To this battle field in hell. I wish I could kiss you here and the worries farewell.   Every letter written carefully By a steady hand in ink.
Calm migraine, the sweet pounding; joyfully insane, tranquil death.   Questions thicken the air, a warzone. Up above, down below a warzone. The field of grass so fair--,
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
Strong enough to stand alone in a blitz Bombarded... Deception after deception after deception  It will never stop It will never seize It's life's cold hearted tactic made to rid of the weak.
Retirement of the Flag   The flag represents the American Soldier It flies in the wind as the soldier fights in battles
A veteran stands strong and tall, They’ve risked their life, their friends, their all.   Some people may not agree with the war
I am just a lowly soldier among the US Army. I was sent to Vietnam because I had no future. No plans. No wealth. Hell, I’m just a young boy. I’m only 17. And mom and dad knew what Vietnam was like.
Miles away from home a soldier lies,He cherishes many hello's, and despites goodbye's.He risks his life, he is willing to die,He does all of this to see that American Flag fly high.What most people do not understand,
If I had known this would be the last time I heard you laugh If I had know this was the last time I talked with you
I write because the words give me no rest. They are voices in my mind and they pester and whine to be set free They are soldiers waging war their battle cries both music and
Soldier Courageous, Patriotic Protecting, Saving, Providing Our country's backbone Army
" Left, right, left, right." I feel thats all I know, "Left, right, left, right." Can you feel that under your boot? Its the snow. "Left, right, left, right." All geared up ready to enter the battle zone.
War; war never changes People do When the stakes are high We must see them through We are soldiers in our on light The struggles we face, the wars, the fights Then why must we fight acknowledging risk
When everything is changing you have nowhere else to run, You take your pencil and your paper, Your keyboard and computer, Your keypad and your phone, And you write. You write that letter to your soldier,
The children play with the toy soldiers, Battling for candy and toys. They throw around the toy soldiers, Adding their own background noise.
This was written while I was at basic training for the United States Army.........  It's amazing how the essence of somebodys presence can change you. And then when your gone without it its amazing how it could offend you. 
Occupation: student, Age: 20 years, 3rd Georgia (2nd State Line) Hair: Auburn, Complexion: florid, Five feet eleven; blue eyes   The historian’s favor has always been partial
What’s going through there minds right now? Where are they going? I’ll never forget there faces…. for now I know in a few years I will And yet that doesn’t sadden me, Although I know it should  
Is There Pride in Serving in Our Military?
Regret is something you feel from experience It burns through my core from thoughts of the war I cant take the memories that shatter my dreams anymore It grips my mind till my body falls to the floor
Time is going by so fast I’ll have to leave soon going on my deployment is last on the list of things I want to do Promise me my love you won’t forget me?
Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, Blood spilt on foreign soil, Yet in safety far across the sea, You mock the sacrifice for liberty.
The season of Autumn was about in the air, in your soul, under the skin of the ground it cringed and blew the wind, swirling the fire leaves everywhere. Like fireworks in the sky.
They Say They say we're doing something don't they? In the news, on the radio They Say our country needs us right? right? I've been dried in a desert of tan
Every soldier knows his name, Every soldier plays his game. He walks with them every day, But he's been know to wink they say. He is the soldiers constant friend, Who stands with them until the end.
The sun rose red above the trees As light spread across the field Cropping up across the land The shadows reluctant to yeild A man stands guard surveying, Watching out for morning's light,
Angels, as it is said, are here to protect, To save us from pain, suffering and neglect. My angels are here, on earth, across the sea, Fighting for my country, for you and for me.
Stop Wait Listen Did I ever tell you, about the laughing Jester? The one who lets his jokes fester? Or the girl with the stars in her eyes the one who left under October skies?
Raging under a constant turmoil Dealing with concepts so foreign What are the Taliban, ak-47s, and fear? As a child I did not understand these things. Please Dad, come home.
The tree grew sideways A bush fluffed out emerald green and rich brown Flowers stemmed beneath them and grass grew unrestrained. Rich fragrance and vibrant nature should have filled his senses.
Beckoned by a lingering tale, Told countless times before She held her hand across her heart, And heard his words once more. The silence in the morning air Hung tightly like a shroud,
There it is, in their eyes When they look up into the once torn skies They see what we hope to never see Lurking in shadows but praised with pleas Battle torn fields and red smoke filed nights
Words are hard to find, When you are overwhelmed with emotion. It seems so hard to process A soldier’s love and devotion. Fighting for our country without a second thought. Their families left behind,
The gentle rocking of a heavy metal coffin rocks her to sleep Instead of the pleasant beat of her child’s heart.
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