The Thoughts Of My Mind


This was written while I was at basic training for the United States Army......... 

It's amazing how the essence of somebodys presence can change you.

And then when your gone without it its amazing how it could offend you. 

The military says nobody loves you and you dont want to believe it. But soon it becomes one with you and you start to believe it. 

Then your best memories become your worse enemies. 

Chilling in the baracks looking out the window feeling like a widow. The analogy behind that is that your alone and nobody gives a....FUCK!!

The letters start lacking and the passion starts passing. 

Your wondering if your loved ones even pass thought of you. But really and truly they probably never passed thought of you. 

You know your girl is loyal but the thought of her cheating races through your mind like a bullet fired outside an M4 Carbine. 

Soon after you start wondering if her affection for you is still there. Because when your gone far away keeping love is like trying to keep free trade. 

Then religions start switching and your path is a bit different. Meditating seems to be the only way to reach the missing. 

I saw my dead grandma my girl and they spoke to me telling me how much they miss me. 

Tears begin to drop but once you hear voices they go missing. You can't let your battle buddies know you have feelings. 

Mornings are the worse

Afternoons are a bit better 

Nights are too fast and the cycle begins right at the last. 


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