a dystopian society

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She was lying on the groundHer blood flowingEvery nerve in my body cried out Siren screams, my soul erupted into the nightAnd the beings retreated into the abyssWhen I saw that, I ran to her
No one cries anymoreIt’s just not who we are anymore   We’ve had our languages shutNow we speak in closed tongues   No one cares of naught, not  
His skin pale white, sun kissed with feathers on the back He lives a broken life with a few coins left in his bank No matter where he goes, no matter who he meets, he feels alone and incomplete
A city as dark as night A leader with a corrupted heart Two of diamonds in a deck of cards Blood and coins left on a nightstand A young boy, with a soul of gold
As conflicting it may be, some things are just unseen From a great journey starts an unexpected story Those who wish to follow to the end, may never see the light of day
Part I: Welcome to the Future   Among the green leaves and trees Lies a tomorrow so grey, it may seem as a sin For those who may not seem to care
The colors of our world commence the drain,Instead of smiles I perceive pain...Ricocheting off my ears rings pain...I feel pain.Violence is a bullet,Puncturing us to the fullest,
I think I might stay in my bedroom today  my mother didn’t tell me when you stepped out you’d be a needle in a stack of needles, polished metallic grey ripped enough to poke the earth and sadistic enough to watch it bleed.
Mother? Why are stars so beautiful ? Tim, they just represent all of us. They are what we are. We are their children. They’re beautiful because all they are just doing is being happy no matter what happens.
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