Enter Dystopia

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 13:28 -- heisrus

Part I: Welcome to the Future


Among the green leaves and trees

Lies a tomorrow so grey, it may seem as a sin

For those who may not seem to care

Have a harsh reality to face


No more blues, the sky won’t be lit

No more reds, the sunsets won’t exist

No more greens, the plants won’t have any effect

Only greys, to which the planet will turn on itself


Get ready for a future that doesn’t exist

Unless one makes a choice that will fulfill all needs

Prepare to enter the worst of the badlands

Those as dry as far as the eye can reach


To make a difference, be ready to care

To make a choice, be ready to share

To make a commitment, be ready to pray

Above all, have faith and be fair


Cause if there is no sun

No sky

No tomorrow…

Prepare to enter dystopia




Chapter 1

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