Broken Paradise/Hopeless Kingdom

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 13:41 -- heisrus

As conflicting it may be, some things are just unseen

From a great journey starts an unexpected story

Those who wish to follow to the end, may never see the light of day

Cause what is about to be told, may never again be heard


Angels and demons step on sacred grounds

Some disguised, others in their true nature

They mock and laugh, dancing on the riches of ancient ground

Others less privileged are going on about their daily lives

Only they know the true value of life, they condemn given riches and jewels


A broken paradise which is split in half

Twisted love in the center of its heart

Don’t hold a grudge towards someone

You will be rewarded with kindness and sight

Look at the sky, as dark and red as a corona eye

This is not the future, this is not the past

This is a new beginning to look at


Two hopeless lovers in search of lust

They shall become the saviors of paradise

Come and enter this hopeless kingdom, bared stripped of all morales and grievance.




Chapter 2

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