For Violence To Cease

The colors of our world commence the drain,
Instead of smiles I perceive pain...
Ricocheting off my ears rings pain...
I feel pain.
Violence is a bullet,
Puncturing us to the fullest,
Modifying the flesh,
and modifying our brains and heart.
We must decipher a way to settle conflicts...
For the basic bringings of my brain to behold,
Reality unfolds,
A road of the perspective of this world.
Before my eyes,
Left and right,
The individuals around me experience fight or flight,
At that moment I realized that life isn't always right.
Bang! Bang! goes the gun,
Blood is shedding, the battle has begun.
Nobody realizes these foolish faults can't go back in track and erase prior pace.
High school teens brewing batches of drama,
Water secretes from my eye glands, a permanent trauma.
These silly sentences,
these rock-ready rebounds
is what causes us to break down,
big frown,
emotions drowned,
thoughts and feelings rubber band-bound,
Until that bottle goes POP!
and our positive well being stops,
people's minds as homely as a ghost town,
until eventually nobody hears a sound,
And an open casket is what they're bestowed upon.
I fall to the concrete cracked road,
A loser, a snitch is what I'm told,
It's a wonder how the hearts of insecure folks can be cold,
Blood trickles from my face,
Am I a disgrace?
My mind throbs deeper than the lines of a band of bass.
Maybe I'm just a waste of space, that shouldn't condone with this vile race.
We, as a whole, must settle conflicts with confrontation,
Settle them with sweet statements, no aggravation.
Let the other perspective of problems speak itself, then present your explanation.
With everyone's cooperation,
We can fix the foundation,
Together we'll start a tranquil nation.
Violence will leave those around us scarred,
cavernous sized up slitted emotions and scars,
To the body and throbbing heart.
Educate yourself about those wanting peace,
Humanity is the solution
For violence to cease.

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Our world
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