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U n t i l  T h e  T i m e By: SeemsPoetic   O n e   l i f e   w e   l i v e...   One life we grow...   And In the end...
When death looks at you through a creature’s eyes, Sorrow and remorse filling those once bright windows to the soul, A pet says their last goodbye, As family members gather in woe.
Overconfident and unstructured, Never having been pushed to my limit, Thinking about my potential future, And all that came with it.   On the rocks within a course in which I had it all,
                                                              By: Gisela Rosa               Growing up with you was rainbows and smiles. Reading books aloud to you, doing my homework next to you, watching Bad Boys with you, makingjokes.
that horse of a fly
A fear that time will not stop Because it won't   And I have seen it pass All along So I am sure That it won't stop And it cannot,  Now, can it?  
Sequel to Maya Angelou: Still I Rise
Dear Dr. Angelou I wrote you this letter the other day but waited I wanted to wait But you were gone...... Left us unreal and heartbroken But there is one thing all I wanted to say
I wish you could see    how i long for thee.   More than just predictably or physically,   but rather relentlessly   
  If I died today My spirit would pass away. My bones would turn to dust Before tomorrow turns to dusk The moon would still light the night sky My corpse unnoticed by passersby
Time has held a place in her mind But it moves too quickly now Love has found a place in her heart But it's too painful to bear anymore Happiness has linked with her soul But it never lasts forever
Ever since elementary
Minutes moments flying by Minutes moments catch your eye Babies laughing, mothers smiles Happiness that takes you a thousand miles.   Approving nods from loving dads
My family had moved to Kissimmee To purchase a comfortable house. I showed up to school sev'ral weeks before Yule As a breeze wafted in from the South. “Good morning,” the teacher exhorted,
Good morning death  So nice to see  you.  May I offer you some coffee, some tea, anything to impede you? To constrain and detain the obligation that brings you? Business. Yes, I know the routine.  
There was a glow in the sky today A beautiful angel gained his wings Down here on earth we'll never understand Above us God had a bigger plan He decided it was time for him to come home
Open eyes, open heart Never let the world tear me apart Hold my soul and my spirit, Because the end will come I can feel it Take my time down the road Cause it'll quickly go cold
I'm on my way, I have twelve weeks. I count the days, Success I seek. As time passes I reminisce, picking classes, I enjoy this. I must be strong. To stand a chance,
Life comes, life goes, this and more we know. But do we see, why it goes? Friends stay, friends leave, if only by who’s heave? True friends they do never leave. Family is, family was, is there ever a because?
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