Hollow Eyes


I wish you could see 
how i long for thee.
More than just predictably or physically,
but rather relentlessly 
The shadow beneath trying eyes that always 
my bewildered mind. 
As if struck with stun spore
or attract.
More than just a million zubat,
yore more of a shiny.
And in all those ways you remind me,
I am no millionair.
I cannot afford your estranged ways.
You were build from the haphazard daze of a muse.
Bundles of night shade
and knowledge built  in youth.
Just happy basking in the essence of you. 
Id do anything you want me to,
but that is not enough.
The size three Ill never be,
sits mocking me
Taunting that makes me sick.
And the smaller I get the more Ill fit in.
Except for my blasted chin. 
That can all be fixed.
A nip and a tuck.
Soon my profile will be that of envy.
When will I be done?
who knows, with every rejection 
i slip in the opposite direction,
of sanity. 
But I could be her.
Cut off a few inches and Ill be short enough for you to lust for. 
Intellect you say?
I've got plenty of that.
Cause you see, its a simple fact.
You must make every word count.
Or rather I.
He cant even pronounce her name.
But he'll give up every day.
For just a bit of praise.
To bask in the light of her beauty.
But I am and brains.
And it may seem insane
but physically I can change.
Mentally you're doomed to stay the same. 


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