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You build your orbit around merriment and such verve emanates from your presence. Swept in everlasting glaze,  Do I dare kiss and ruin thy nature? If God says it to be so then I shall hold onto sweet innocence.
I dreamed of you last nightI dreamed we got married in a colorful church in MexicoWe told my family, not yoursYou gave me a ring full of flowersWe were 17 but completely in loveYou told me I was the best thing in the worldAnd that no one would eve
laughing at nothing feeling everything our love a rose in spring   something has changed we have changed into something more   maybe it was how his hand felt right in mine
Fly High Squeezed within a surface Gasping for air   It's hard to live your own life when someone wants you to live theirs. Its comical you see; but you can’t free it
Das Vaterland    Hitler in our heads, And world cup victory of 66 too, Bombing , SS, concentration camps, Unfortunately there was a few .   These are the visions,
I see it over there on the horizon and dread what it is to come. Knowing there is no escaping makes me feel all numb. Oh why on why do I feel this way, I thought I got help.
No pierdas de vista tus objetivos is what they tell me, but how can  I not cuando no estoy  segura de que sea mi sueno, que estoy following . . .
A light shimmering, small fae glittering standing there glistening. A mystique figure sparkling.   The risers as a staircase
After all your tears And all of your fears, You are strong You can always right your wrongs. Baby this is your chance To show who you are You are that star  And your dreams will take you far.
Dear special someone,   Coincidental how we did meet Magically swept off my feet By surprise you ended up so sweet   Our past revealed; darkness loomed Confided though we carried gloom
She’s bathed in neon colors, each one a symbol of our pride. Red for her courage, Orange for her curiosity, Yellow for her wit,
Flashback to the day when we first met It is surely one i’ll never forget From the spot where you sat, under the great oak tree, To welcoming smile you gave to me.  
under the darkened layers of silk & lush we can commence in a push filter through soup bowls with moss in the undertow you unleashed the lion in me caged barbaric creatures having little eyes
I'm very settled with my life.I go day by day.Each day,I make it a little further then i was.
the decay of the leaves in late Summer really makes you wonder the thought of Cobblestone on the soft decor a life that was meant for so much more but what ? what are we searching for in this vast domain
-Part One- The Fright   Tonight I am a wolf Howling at the moon   With any light souce availiable  In this enclosed sepulcher In which I could veil myself.  
Dreams are rarely ever real, But they have a very strange appeal, Breaking apart present and reality, GuIding the realm of sensuality, Hidden messages Lie here and there,
Love is a feeling, A feeling with various ways, It’s the feeling you start celebrating, On such romantic days.  
Broken, heartstruck, fallen deeply in love. Pain, pouring from my veins, spilling out like blood, formed in tears, with nothing left to hold on to. Screams fills my ears, can't breathe, can't reach, can't touch, dying without the words, dying with
Dear heart, My apologies my love, My apologies, My apologies to chance for calling it fate My apologies to fate for assuming it was wrong
The seconds tick by The minutes drown on The hours never die The days burn as the sun But when I look out I see the best the world can offer Possibilities to seize not later, now
One day I’ll become A bird who flies away And flees from herself Who holds me back From the large free sky And endless blue That I want to see I wish that my heart
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