Sacrificial Love

Flashback to the day when we first met

It is surely one i’ll never forget

From the spot where you sat, under the great oak tree,

To welcoming smile you gave to me.


The closer we grew, as the ‘tomorrows’ flew by

Day by day, it started becoming just you and I.

Together with each other, we both shared so much

Laughter, sadness, experiences and such.


The sun beamed so brightly these days

But without notice, the skies they turned to grey.

A love that appeared like those beautiful, everlasting fairytales

Instead, turned to a relationship full of thorns and nails.


To my dismay, you were sucked into the wrong crowd

What was once you and I, was hidden behind a huge nimbus cloud.

Whatever was left, was quickly swirling down the drain

And in the end, you and I were both left in pain.


But because I love you, I endured

Through the pins and needles of your hurtful words,

And all the excuses you made, yes it was all I heard

And yet, my love did not go blurred, instead it was undeterred.


But because I love you, I stayed

Struggles and mistakes, one after the other for you I prayed.

And even when we began to fade,

I still remained, unafraid.


Because I love you, I believed

That from each other it was joy  we both once received.

While others may say, “Poor girl, she’s so naive”

I push them away, those thoughts I seized.


The idea of quitting, oh wow, that was hard for you to decide.

But as seasons went by, cravings and addictions, you finally waved good bye.

It was difficult for you to comply,

But because you love me, you tried.


Yet, I won’t forget what you said to me that night

You took me by the hand, and we stood under the moonlight.

You said you had a gift that was on it’s way.

And I realized what you meant when I didn’t see you the next day.




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