Inner Silence

the decay of the leaves in late Summer
really makes you wonder
the thought of Cobblestone on the soft decor
a life that was meant for so much more
but what ?
what are we searching for in this vast domain
at night I lay silent on my bed
movement ensues & I'm left we a new fresh attitude
feelings of neck ties, streamers & bows
a peril of sorts of the fragmentation of my mind
life is being filled up with challenges to extreme
in a land that is so very mean
they want to help you but they can't even help themselves
perhaps I should put that book right back on the shelf
I will say this through the problems there is a pause of relief
maybe turn things over to a brand new leaf
let's look deep inside for we have nothing to hide
sidewalks filled with strangers who are in a great deal of danger
many have tread this barren sod before
with noble hearts let's stake our claim
not for the criminally insane
sow the love that comes from deep within your heart
then you could do your part to what it is I have been waiting for
all of life is an open door just ready for you to explore
the faint in heart will soon discover you have to press in
stay attached to the vine in his great design
in my inner silence there's a swelt of decor
the challenge for so much more lest I implore
honesty is the best policy
this will one day show on my homily
but for now I'll take it one step at a time
choose to succeed & that's it for this rhyme

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