Read Between My Heart Strings

Dreams are rarely ever real,

But they have a very strange appeal,

Breaking apart present and reality,

GuIding the realm of sensuality,

Hidden messages Lie here and there,

A subconsciOus in secret warfare,

Or imaginations of a peculiar life,

Without the grasp of voracious strife,

A realm so distant and alluring,

A metaphysical setting that’s reassuring.


Darling I did not expect to see you there,

Breathing in the unconscious air,

Your Vision was stunning and quite a sight,

Such presence was a dElectable delight,

My heart had disconnected a while ago,

When you had disappeared—mY dark shadow,

But now we stand face to face,

In a fabricated wOrld of mind space.


Caught off guard, the sun awoke,

And you dissolved into wispy smoke,

Heart a mess and thoughts on you,

Hands grip sheets as feelings turn blUe,

We may never meet again on this earth,

Or in my nostalgic astral turf.


I did not have time to ever say,

What my soul felt from day to day,

So please read between each line,

Until we sit again on cloud nine.

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