-Part One-

The Fright


Tonight I am a wolf

Howling at the moon


With any light souce availiable 

In this enclosed sepulcher

In which I could veil myself.


As the clean light of love

Dimms, my wits do as well

Singing a song with no

Chourus nor notes

To the women I love.


Any way possible I could lead 

A dimished man to life, 

I probably could. 

I probably might.

I've seen too much in this

Dinky old life,


So tonight my plot 

Is to jump the cliff

Where I howl

With no fright. 


-Part Two-

The Flight


Bringing no fright to my collegues 

the fog I will miss

The wings on my back will become 



As I flap and I roar 

I am no longer with stress

Of the teeth in my jaw,

In the freedom of thine neck.

Obsolete is my freedom

As due time passes, so 

I pull my paws out from the wings 

they were masked in.


To call this a home would be the least of my worries 

but due to the enimies i've gained

I'll never scurry.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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