A love letter to my heart

Dear heart,

My apologies my love,

My apologies,

My apologies to chance for calling it fate

My apologies to fate for assuming it was wrong

My apologies to happiness for calling it a necessity

My apologies to necessity for not treating it right

My apologies to sadness for making it a comfort

My apologies to the darkness for making it my home

My apologies love for thinking different of it

Most of all send my apologies to my heart

For making it bear all this weight

For killing it slowly

Watching it break

My apologies to you my love

Because you are all that I live for

I can’t breathe without you

Without you I would die

And I didn’t mean to hurt you

It kind of just happened

My apologies to you

For I have glass bones

And glass skin that breaks so easy and I shatter

Because you are stone

You hit my walls and I cave in

My mind is at your will

Take me or leave me

I’ve never been good at apologies

But, my apologies, my love.




Dear Heart,

It’s your turn to apologize to me,

Apologize for making me believe it was meant to be,

Apologize for making me need someone who would leave,

Apologize for making  me get comfortable in sadness,

Apologize for making darkness my home,

Apologize for the emotions you gave me,

The love and the false happiness, false hope,

You are all that I live for

And you, who is stone, yourself against my glass shell,

I am forced to build a wall of bricks surrounding you so no one can get to you,

So you don’t break again,

Apologize for breaking so easily,

I don’t want you anymore,

All you are is a vessel in my body who gives me life

So take it away

You broke

I felt it

You were never good at apologizing,

We were never good at apologizing


I’m sorry.


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