All animals have a life

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The Killing FloorFrom my mother I was torn away, in this I never had any say.The morality of my captors had clearly long gone astray.On the kill floor I saw a view so grim, a view so sad, how dearly I missed my mom and dad.
Clouds of dust swirl through the hot desert sky The unforgiving sun radiating its disapproval As the fearsome beast is brought to the ground
Aware the vacant look of sweet-heart eyes and adoring soul... Remember, past hurts to choose trust before you will forget me...   With the waves of the forgotten,
The sun shines as God approaches,He leaves a beam of light in the dark forest.The beam of light brightens to a shape of a lion.God sent him to shimmer the forest to lustre;
O Here rises the morning sun!The grass sprouts for the sunrise;The trees dance as the wind howls;Primroses and Cowslips bloom with joy.  
A bright eyed cat caught up in wires. Never sees the sun Tortured with pliers. Is anyone listening Does anyone care Is animal testing truly fair?   A tiny, white rabbit
Land of the Free, People sprout in the streets. But what I see, Is injustice everywhere.   The news channels are warped, As they are racists and selective. They play what they want,
Running through the open field of tall dark green grass. Winds as smooth as the flowing river. A hint is in the air smells savory.  Stalking deep and slow as my claws grasp each little step.
I am from laughter, joyfulness, and a caring family, from my very first furry friend on Christmas morning, to my 10th birthday at Disneyland with friends.  
Walk on dog, Don’t come back to town. Walk on hog, Stay good and brown. Stay away fog, Let the sun in.
Grace on water, peace in flight. Honking in the fall while flying over sight. Nests of eggs in the spring. Honking is how they sing. Feed them bread and they won't forget. The friend they have met.
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