Land of the Not

Land of the Free,

People sprout in the streets.

But what I see,

Is injustice everywhere.


The news channels are warped,

As they are racists and selective.

They play what they want,

But not what is relative.


People slam other people,

Day and Night because of religion.

Religion has turned into death,

As it erases personal meaning.


White supremacists have a stand,

In the White House as a pig.

He looks over our people,

And spits at our views and values.


A wall is being made,

Which no one wants or needs.

Someone has got to pay,

But nobody wants to take the burden.


Sex has been crucified.

People raging everywhere,

Torturing others like they just don’t care.

Rape is held on a platter.


Education is out,

As budget cuts grow slimmer.

The children suffer,

At the hands of the ignorant.


People waste much,

As recycling is not utilized.

Our oceans and waters

Are taking the dump.


Animals all around suffer,

Because of people’s ignorance.

Their homes are being killed off,

Just for a buck or two.


Money has ruined everything,

As we materialize and whimper.

It has become the greedy lifeforce.

Many go without means because of it.


99 percent of our people,

Are ruled by the 1 percent.

Poverty has been downgraded,

As they fight other battles.


Our very lives are in danger,

If this life continues forth.

No more woods, water, air,

We will all die sooner than later.

This poem is about: 
My country


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