Please Remember

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 23:22 -- A.W.

Aware the vacant look

of sweet-heart eyes

and adoring soul...


past hurts

to choose trust

before you

will forget me...


With the waves of the forgotten,

crying together.

White fading,



Setting down,

only after inky tears,

like copper clouds

fall by heartbreak canyon...



please recall

the times alone

spent in rain

in frozen waste

Yearning once

a loving home

take me with you,

in the fire,

as I'll warm you

from the cold.


My dear heart,

of innocents,

Deserving of a heart

whose warmth will take

you home.

I plead,

you take notice,

to remember...

those vacant looks

of sweet-heart eyes...




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My country
Our world
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Cute :3


Thank you :)

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