Barack Obama

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Thank you, sir, for your service. You changed the world for so many. You help to give us the right to deciede. You made love obtainable for so many again. The red, white, and blue
Dear Mr. President,
I feel emboldened My partisan senryu Bye O'No, hi Pomp
Sunlight shining crimson red sign of pure chaos is said by the tree of life. We are bleeding but no one watches us wishing we would just burn off like the rest. Restless, breathless as we lay on the ground.
My President is Me. That means that he black. That orange dude that y'all elected? Man, he wack. I say it loud and proud and shout it all across the nation. Fuck Donald Trump. There won't be no inauguration.  
I can still hear the cheers and tears of happiness I can still see the crowds in the streets chanting his name Waving the flag with pride and seeing a ray of hope During a time where we had seen so much tragedy
“Mommy, what’s that noise?” I said. She paused the news and cocked her head. “Cheering—from New York!” In awe, We joined with glee the hissing RAWR!
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