Revisit My Year

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


Darrington Brown

Lights shining high in the sky looks like peace to me

Sun in the sky that’s a piece of me,

Glowing and rolling off of every punch you had thrown at me

I mean it’s really a presence of a blessing you can’t keep or just a mountain that you climb but it's too steep

Are you angry when you search for a reason you can’t see

Honestly sadness is another route to be free  

But this route you can’t see so,

Grasp my hand and I will paint a road so you can see,

so smooth and bright that you heart won’t beat nor bleed it will only inhale relief,

And as the roads become streets the streets become peace and all the peace will,

Make you sighs into relief,

I believe every heart skips to a different beat as long as you drums are your feet then your heart would always be unique. A blank board is a symbol that we all see as peace,

So if you look back in time at me you won’t the streets or the hate diluted with beef,

No you will only see a rose growing out the streets filled with grief of  the true reason of being unique.

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