My President is Black (ET Remix)

My President is Me. That means that he black.

That orange dude that y'all elected? Man, he wack.

I say it loud and proud and shout it all across the nation.

Fuck Donald Trump. There won't be no inauguration.


Thank God for Michelle. Thank God for Barack.

Thank God for Sasha, Malia, Sunny, and Bo.

Thank God for the Obamas. I stand up straight when I walk.

'Cause I'm still gon be proud even if you gotta go.


You need another term just to show 'em you the truth.

You were with me from the fourth grade. You were my whole youth.

When Jeezy made this song, I turnt it to the max.

Because you gave hope for everyone who skin is black.


So even if they say that you no longer the man

I'll always remember the day you shook my hand.

I say "Yes We Can." Not "Yes We Did."

Because when I do, that'll be the day that I quit.


My President is black, but he loves everyone.

He fulfilled Martin's dream. You would think he was his son.

You know the good side of the country was so happy when he won.

So lemme thank you for the movement you've begun.


Black Excellence. Your family does it right.

You make it easy to be proud my skin is black as the night.

I gotta make this count because maybe you might hear it.

I gotta praise the LORD cause you encourage my spirit.


You make me feel like I can do it too.

Cause don't every black kid wanna be like you?

Don't you know the hate, the struggle, then the success?

The failure, the oppression, then getting the new address?


My President is Black and that's the way it's gon be.

My President is Black. He look just like me.

My President is Black. The next four years, that's a fact.

My President is Black and That's just that.



Good story. We can all agree that Donald Trump sucks.

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