All I Need Poetry Slam

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my mother on the right side and my father on the left between them my siblings and i sit crowded on their laps or on the floor we are just children here, babies
Something that is not intangible, yet is. Something that is heard and seen through everything else. It gets me through the rough times, and the smooth ones –
This sand is no longer paradise, There's hopelessness in the sea. But I am not alone here, there’s Feet that don't belong to me.   A living being, my own blood, Someone I couldn't live without,
All I need- It could be a million different things, Like food, water, shelter, love... Crisp falls or soggy springs.   But if those were no longer available to me,  I think I'd still be fine.
all I need is that green money green or silver copper nickel whatever makes a clank in my cup heads up lean down  scoop it up good luck for me and some copper in my pocket I love that green money green
  "kNOwledge" Without the soft caress of Knowledge flooding my mind, The sweet melody of facts and figures, I would be ever lost.
All I need Is a sweet summer breeze A melody singing in my head A beat flowing through my body Lyrics both clean and naughty Neverending even in bed   A rhythm flows through me
Fires burn. Create. Destroy. But they can only exist with oxygen. Two molecules, highly reactive. You, my love, are part of that bond. I have learned to ignite my own soul,
Lay down with me, I'll hold you in my hands so delicately, For you are the most precious thing I've ever seen, I admire you in the dark so affectionately.   In the night sky you shine so bright,
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
I need college cash (break)  And for that, I need scholarships (break)  Please give me money
I feel the burning of my skin from the endless scorching of the sun, The chilled air that arrives with the moon that burns my lungs with every breath, The blotches of my feet I lose with every run,
    The look in his eyes said I want you in the moment. The words in his heart said I want you for a lifetime.
Sometimes I wonder how it is that I don't scream because it is the six thousandth time that I have turned on the shower.   We spend four years
A concert: a safe haven for the fluorescent adolescents who need music like blood that flows through lyrical shaped veins fueling a pumping heart, fingertips, a voice box. Smooth and soothing.
My life lies in music, in rhythm and sound in music and theater, my passion I found my shyness faded from my face and I welcomed the stage's comforting embrace and curtsied during the applause  
The power of Family: unbearable, unbreakable  love. The one hour fights, the arguments of grades' the tears of struggle  come in the bundle of family. But what about the years of parties,
When she asked me why I slept with a dictionary under my pillow, I asked my girlfriend what she would do if dictionaries didn’t exist and she told me   “Baby, that’s why we’ve got Google”  
I would take her with me The one who faintly whispers into the pit of my ear never to give up and have no fear I would take her with me The one who so warmly embrasses me for who I am, and not who everyone feels I am
Nestled behind bones that can be broken by sticks and stones,   A rhythm made of flapping wings and plucking strings, of raindrops hitting the pavement and of quiet patience;
We are two bodies that sails the body of the sea In search of our lost souls driven by the riches We heard of this land by the many in our genration No one haven't really seen her, only a figment of a long lost dream
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