Me, Themselves, and Everyone Else

All I need-

It could be a million different things,

Like food, water, shelter, love...

Crisp falls or soggy springs.


But if those were no longer available to me, 

I think I'd still be fine.

Because what I really, truly need, 

I can only hold in my mind.


To some, people mere objects, meant for nothing, 

Except to get in their way.

They cause nothing but obstacles, and without them,

It'd be easier to get through the day.


But to me, that's not the right way to think,

So instead I choose,

That rather than pretend the world revolves around me,

I put myself in their shoes.


The lady at the store with coupons overflowing in her purse

Her budget requires her so save,

And the wizened old cashier at the front,

Was retired but couldn't stay.


If I make myself remember these things,

That people have pasts too,

Then I could live in the happiest way possible, 

As it's my gift to you.


So all I need is simple,

The ability to give others empathy,

Because if I acted any other way,

I wouldn't truly be me.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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