Green Money Green

all I need is that green money green

or silver copper nickel whatever makes a clank in my cup

heads up

lean down 

scoop it up

good luck for me and some copper in my pocket

I love that green money green


hello benjamin franklin

hello abraham lincoln

hello george washington

hello thomas jefferson

hello green money green


I'll take that extra shift that overtime that late night hour

I need that green money green

Soda refill? yes please

That'll be an extra dollar. actually I don't need a refill

I gotta keep that green money green


that cold hard cash is my ticket for anything

I need that green money green

Can you do me a favor? of course anything for you

Could I borrow a couple of dollars? ah shoot I actually don't have any with me

I can't give that green money green


dimes nickels pennies quarters dollars checks

spare change cash transaction donation


I need that green money green

it's going to take me places

i don't care what places

college house overseas mcdonalds

I depend on that green money green


how else am I going to buy anything get anything eat anything do anything

this world lives on green

green is oxygen

not green trees green we need green money green

not those i love you words

too busy running out the door to hear them

gotta earn that green money green

not that crooked smile with a dimple

too distracted trying to count

gotta straighten out these stacks of green money green

not those friday nights out having fun

too stressed at this desk

gotta get that green money green


this green money green has a value you see

so what if I ignore the invaluable things for a little

im sorry but this green money green

live without it? no I would break into a broke


how am I going to pay the bills the debt the mortgage 

don't forget the newest technology the trendiest clothes the exotic vacations

i love you i do

but this green money green

I need this green money green


I'm paying 

paving my future 

money is the building block

money makes everything

money I need it


All I need is that green money green





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Our world
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