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I Gave Up So Much For One BOY. I Lost Myself. I Gave My Heart, Mind, And Body To One BOY. I Lost Myself. 
What do I need? What will keep me going? Maybe it's money and wealth? Or maybe it's perfect fitness and health? No... I've heard about those depressed celebrities who died,
People may say all they need is this one person's love, or for the world's problems to end, but all I need is to know who I am.. I don't want to the known as "that one girl", or "quiet but fun girl".
  Here I am AGAIN Not a shoulder I'd rather cry Nor a friend I'd rather go to  God's the only one who can help me He's the only one who knows what I go through  the only one who understands
I do not love you as the rose that won't bloom I love you for that and more I do not love you for the light alone You sing a song that only I can dance to
There is no moment in time without expression. It begins with a PRACTICAL need                                                 (we NEED a tombstone.
Passionately I absorb you. Longingly I gasp for you. Persistently I kiss you. Your tides are cold when they enter my maw. And my heart is warm when you course in my blood.
Eardrums beware   The need for Beep-bop beats Pounding rhythms In the air, The drums Voicing zeal In rapid Bah-tap-daps As guitars Sing sweet, Sour,
I have two puppies that I love They truely are gifts from above One is white and one is black Both are fluffy - not fat Without them I would be so sad For a life without puppies is just plain bad
If I were ever stranded on an island by myself, I could not live without these things that make me happy. Slippers. My old, ripped red slippers. They have been everywhere I have gone. Wherever I go, they come too.
Watching the movie Inside Out, I see Sadness So blue, meek, unable to walk Who would guess she's the hero? This tiny emotion with the power to turn memories into the shades of sky
On an island all alone you say? Do you want me to decay?   A companion is all I want, I didn't even as for a restaurant.    Sad and alone is what you think I'll be?
They ask what can I not live without I thought and thought But now I doubt   I thought it would be my phone or computer This generation's addicted
Norepinephrine, Dopamine, and Phenylethylamine,Are just regular chemicals, But put them together you get Love.   That heart pumping, roller coaster feeling
If there wa one thing I need it wouldn't be my phone, or even weed It's not an object, not a book to read but someone who helps me through life, an amazing lead   I don't have a whole lot of family
When I think of one thing I can't live without it might be a map, so I know the route or I'll definitely need a boat, without a doubt maybe a survival book to properly camp out  
It’s not the underground railroad or the abandoned post office downtown Not the candycane flip flops or the hand-crafted gondola paddles It’s something else
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
You give me love You give me your time You give me happiness You gave me life You gave me a reason to live You gave me your warmth You gave me your everything You gave me forever
The spring grass takes me to a time ago; The stillness stayed so, and life held her hands Above her kin, above her withered foe. She smiled upon beaches of silver sands.
In all the world, in what we hold dearest I cannot seem to say I could live without The air in which I breathe throughout the day Or the ground beneath me which bears my weight
The wind in my face The light breeze on a summer day All of these other elements Think they are the greatest Earth, Fire, and Water But what about wind? No one ever bothers to think about the wind
All I need is a soft smile the conversation that might never stop and care from another All I need is a voice to be heard a sane mind I can keep I need laughter in a world of loneliness
Eggshell skin splits open under doubt. Wayward bandages crease the wrinkled folds holding porcelain wrappers together, covering fleshy notions of maybes. Paper mache
Eggshell skin splits open under doubt. Wayward bandages crease the wrinkled folds holding porcelain wrappers together, covering fleshy notions of maybes. Paper mache
She's there when no one else is,  She's the person i can't live without and there no doubt about that  we argue and fuss with each other she's basically my mother. 
When one is alone Not lonely. Truly, honestly alone. A grown up child Will seek the comfort  From not so long ago. The warmest embrace.  A mother's reassurance That you have not failed
A sea of dreams awaits for me. The sky is blue, but I am not. An island is hidden, no eye can see And I am alone, but not forgot.   Away, away you wait for me
If stranded on an island, desolate  Alone, weary, knee-scraped dirty Restful sleep, with a belly full, prerequisite Would I need a warm blanket or companionship? One things certain, thats for sure, to avoid
All I need is music to soothe me. Rhymes and rhythms that speak volumes. Rhymes and rhythms that speak wisdom. Rhymes and rhythms that speak truth. For the days that are great. For the days that could be better. For the days filled with sunshine.
It was by unfortunate cirumstances that I loved the silence. In its glory, I was allianced. I loved writiting of nonsensical things, to block out the inevitable rumors and screams. Word after word, day after day,
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