My Wind

Sat, 02/20/2016 - 23:08 -- LG

The wind in my face

The light breeze on a summer day

All of these other elements

Think they are the greatest

Earth, Fire, and Water

But what about wind?

No one ever bothers to think about the wind

It just roams around in the atmosphere

That pesky wind always messing up my hair!

Have you ever thought about if we didn't have wind?

We need it!

Without Earth we wouldn't be here

Without Fire there would be more trees

Without Water we...

Well you got me there, but wind!

Wind is what carries the pollen from flower to flower

Tree to tree

Without wind there would be no diversity!

Wind is not life for us

But is life for the living

Without the wind we would have no trees

We would have no oxygen to breath

We wouldn't be able to stop and smell the roses!

Oh the roses! So beautiful and fragile!

The wind keeps us alive!

Let it mess up your hair!

It's the small price you have to pay

So you can live another day!

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Our world


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