One thing


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If there wa one thing I need

it wouldn't be my phone, or even weed

It's not an object, not a book to read

but someone who helps me through life, an amazing lead


I don't have a whole lot of family

I have three or four members practially

but I do have my grandma thankfully

without her my life would be a tragedy


as sappy as it sounds, she's my number one

she's sweeter than a honey bun

more elegant than a midnight sun

and wiser than an ancient elephant


She somehow finds ways to fix my mistakes

and through all of them, she never sees me as a dsigrace

She knows definite cures to colds and headaches

and knows how to make the best chocolate cake


She's an amaxing listener, and never juudgemental

and always very sentimental

her touch and voice is ever so gentle

She's raised me my whole life, so also parental


To conclude, she's helped me with all the right tips

Here's her shoutout, for getting me through all of it

She's had my back through all my financial slips

So let me give her a break by earning this scholarship!

This poem is about: 
My family


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