'I am... Scholarship Slam; body image

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Why does someone loving my body feel like a favour to me?  Why does someone calling me beautiful feel as if they’re open minded. They’re progressive. 
I am not the same, that girl looking into the mirror is a mysterious unknown stranger. At least, that is what I am told.
There She Is All perfect and delicate But breakable continuing to be elegant. Her so-called goods are exposed And she doesn’t hesitate to pose. I am not saying she is no brainer
I try, I really do But it never seems enough It plagues my mind, Day and night The voice just won’t shut up.   I constantly want more But at the same time, want less
My head is pushed under the waterinto the sea of insecurities.I open my mouthfor a gasp of breathbut no oxygen enters--
Sometimes I wish I was skinny and pretty. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I want to cut the fat off! I hate how being fat your discriminated, I hate how being fat you got to have a hour glass shape. Why do I feel this way?
One can only hope for freedom
I feel like crying but I have nothing to cry about.  My life is good. I have a Mom, a Dad and two siblings. I have a house, clothes and shoes to wear. I have a Kindle, a smartphone and a Wii.
Our bodies are not temples,  I will not be invaded as such. We are ecosystems.  Made of grit, and blood and change. Packed with multitudes of intricacy, we love like gushing streams. 
Why can't I be perfect? With long hair and bright eyes, Why can't I be perfect?  Tight waist with average size everything, Why can't I be perfect? 5'4 in height and all the right curves,
As a child Confidence was not part of me But I grew up with honesty Friends tried to make me see I am beautiful and that is key   At school I do my very best Working hard and passing every test
From a distance paced a young teenage girl. She holds her head down trying to avert the gaze of the so called 'pretty girls', who despise her appearance. Her existence to be in fact.
First of all, I don’t act how I look. I’m a girl, but I don’t clean or cook. I don’t like to shop or put on makeup; How I look for the day is how I wake up. I’d rather play sports with the guys
Life as we know is passing, While we look at other lost souls thats crashing, As society kicks flicks at these tender hearts, I just wonder can we switch the parts, Nope cause thats Gods decision,
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