There She Is

There She Is

All perfect and delicate

But breakable continuing to be elegant.

Her so-called goods are exposed

And she doesn’t hesitate to pose.

I am not saying she is no brainer

But she sure is an annoying entertainer.

Oh society with the same hurtful ideals

That makes girls exaggerate on their meals.

Careful with that exquisite face

That will never change race.

Same old bleach blonde

That I have already yawned

For the last couple years

But the ignorant people continue to cheer.

She is one of “America’s examples.”

With her smile, she strangles

The insecure girls

That watch those pearls

Dance on her tanned flesh.

That undoubtedly needs air to refresh.

Herself and her dream are unreal.

All she does is dissimulate and try to appeal,

To those who are covered in greed

Like that orange creature on the lead.

Since her loss would be a shame

At least she wants her fifteen minutes of fame.

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My country
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