Dear Princess Fiona(from Shrek)

Dear Fiona,

As a child I always wanted to be a princess like Cinderella or Aurora. But now that im older I can relate more to you. You are the one that prince charming fell for. The one who was so beautiful in the day time you made the blue flowers with red thorns look insignificant. You had a voice so soft and sweet that could put any man in a trance.

But when your skin gets a taste of the moon, it turned green and threw up any self confidence you gathered that day. You turned into an ugly, self loathing, ferocious beast. Dont get me wrong, I am not putting you down. You were born with it.  Your parents sent you far away hoping that you will get better soon. Maybe you will grow out of it. But darling,  we both know better. This isn't a phase. Only the kiss of true love will set you free is what they tell you. You just need to try to be happy, they say. But true love didn't turn out like you wanted. A face, that looked like your biggest fears waltzed into your castle and demanded you come with him. He didn't sweep you off your feet and kiss up to your crap.  Fiona, you and I are a lot alike. During the day, prince charming swoons over me asking me to accompany him. I write so beautifully, I could make the swamp water sound like birthday cake. But I too get ugly when the moon starts to shine. I get to be this hideous, self loathing, ferocious beast. My happiness transforms into doubt and I cant see the light. I was born with it. My friends all pushed me away hoping I would get better soon. Maybe I will grow out of it. I just need to try to be happy. But we know better. I will not escape myself until I can accept my ugly and move on with my life. Thank you Fiona for always being on my team. Teaching me that not all princesses are blonde, size 3 beautiful. Not all princesses have to be happy. Dear Fiona, thanks for never giving up and staying true to yourself.

-Your Biggest Fan


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