'who I am'

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I reflect the truth And this you can no longer take And I can see through the happiness you try to fake.
I know someone but they don't know  me I wait and wait and finally, they are able to see the Real me
Gimmicks.   Gimmicks give me kicks like treats and tricks.   Gimmicks give me name a face and  me butt a place.   Gimmicks give me eyes looks
when i was younger all i desired was to be older  locked in my my mind wanting nothing but to be a soldier  clenching my heart because i was its only holder  trying to be something but trapped in my own enclosure 
We live in a never ending world; A world of never ending lies. We dwell in a land of never-ending joy; Outweighed by never ending sorrow.
How can I repay you for all that you've done? You made me who I am, You have made me one.  You taught me that anger does not always work, Showed me the ways I am speical, despite all my quirks.
I am from winding roads, From canopy’s of trees And sweet scented cornfields Going on for miles.   I am from old rusting cars, Creaking with age And stories long forgotten.  
  I am worried about the direction on we pretend we're on An imaginary line of success but were in the most debit we have ever been.
I'm cactus in the dead of winter A lemon tree in Washington State An existence fragile as parchment paper  falling into the seat two seconds late    Just a millimeter above the water
Who is this in the mirror that I see ‘tis I  in the mirror, ‘tis me. Define this person, this person that I see.   Well do you see the warrior, the fearless man that you are?
Who is this body? Why is this body? What can this body be? Is it weak? Infantile? Is this body even me?   I am not my own.  I live - for everybody else. I love - for everybody else.
I am… ambitious. Both good and bad, since I enjoy being successful, regardless of what it costs me.
As a child Confidence was not part of me But I grew up with honesty Friends tried to make me see I am beautiful and that is key   At school I do my very best Working hard and passing every test
 Stereotypes reign upon every aspect of our spherical home we call a world, and as a young colored Hispanic woman, I’ve met my fair share of them growing up.
I am not who I thought I would be   Burdened by morals of society I “sinfully” desire sexual contact to eradicate my being And is that wrong? Craving the release of oxytocin
I Am.... I Am a little seed that is slowly growing into a rose.  I Am a little girl that is being raised by her grandmother. I Am a hurt little girl without my parents. I Am a tomboy.
I am a misunderstood individual I am a human with many flaws I am a person with good intentions I am an American, teenage girl I am nothing more and nothing less of the average female  who is never expected to handle challenges I am your typical "...
I am a person. I am not just a score on a page,
I no longer know who i am anymore, or who i'm supposed to be. When will i learn what it truly means to be free? When will i figure out  to say what i really mean? When will i stop being
I am one of the seven million people
Constantly in pain My own thoughts driving me insane Life is just a drain But the misery is only in my brain   A family that is perfection Offers me protection I am the infection
I am from a Caucasian mother and an African American father
I am an artist, Painting smiles on other people's faces. I am a comedian, Cheering up those having a bad day. I am a ball of pent up energy, Making memories with those who may not have the best ones.
I AM  A warr;or
Who? Who am I? Who are you to ask? And yet, who am I to answer? Who am I?
I am...  an active writer a beautiful dancer an adequate study I am...  a helpful citizen
I am ...  Me I am ... A orignial master piece  Ain't no no one ike me because I am  the only me  some may look like  me or sound like me maybe even act like me But in all reality 
I am in the midst of my perishing youth
Fits of rage, selfish ambition, hatred, jealousy, envy, debauchery, idolatry, liar, deception, disrespect . These are the things that established a disconnect. A disconnection, wall, separation.
I Am.... I am the girl in the back of the room, not because I don't like attention, but because I attract too much.   I Am... I am the girl who knows  who she is,
How many years does it take to love who you are? To make you proud of you To be grateful for what you have, And not who you will be someday And to love your town   For me it took 17 years
Without a filter I am fragile broken desperate  
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