Daughter of the East and West

They ask me who I am

Time and time again

They ask me who I am

But which words shall make sense?


I am a child of the east

The Indus flows through my veins

I am a child of the west

Born and bred on her terrains


It is both the east and west

that have imprinted upon me their mark

But I am weary, oh, so weary

of screaming to the dark


For where do I belong?

The bastard child of east and west

My name is in Arabic

The necklace branded upon my chest


And although English is my native tongue

I am not the west, nor the east

I am the surface of the ocean

Belonging to both sky and sea


My place is placeless

Yet, I beg of you, do not grieve

For I have been kissed by the stars

To be of two divergent entities


Now, if they ask me who I am

I am ready with my reply

I am the daughter of the sun and moon

Whose lights shall merge until I die

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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