The Definition of Racheal M

I am… ambitious.

Both good and bad,

since I enjoy being successful,

regardless of what it costs me.

But I am… considerate,

not allowing others to take the fall for the sake of my achievement.

I am… humble,

I do not brag about these achievements,

though I am proud.

I am this way because of the things that have hurt me,

I have been bullied,



Yet, it brought me strength,

from the first hurtful word,

to my last heartbreak,

I have been hurt.

I am… sensitive;

words can hurt me, but I do not let it tear me down.

Harsh wounds cause deep scars.

I am… reserved,

I keep to myself and enjoy my privacy.

Yet, I am… chatty,

once you get to know me,

I am friendly and enjoyable to be around.

I am a person of familiarity,

as comfortable surroundings make me stronger,

easier to converse with,

more comfortable with being me.

I am… Me-

an independent that relies on no one,

a lover with strong opinions,

a fighter with weaknesses.

Most importantly,

I am… the future of the world;

I believe with a little work,

I can change the world for the better.


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Our world
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