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I want you so much it physically hurts. I would do anything for you. I would go anywhere with you. Don't you see? No other woman could please you Or love you like I can.   But it wont matter.
Our true love began with dedication Our mutual feelings we do impart Your love leaves me with a bright sensation To you I grant this gift: my loving heart   Compassion spreads its wings like a white swan
There once was an egg left all alone, whose shell was slightly a different tone. Despite it’s color, a duck became its mother.   Weeks fluttered by until one day, babies came out to play.
The clergy plays their swan song You cry out it's all wrong No one notices over their song Leather skin the casket holds The corpse didn't even get to see twelve years old
One day my body decided to consume itself,      and the cells that once gave me life      will be the very own that destroy it. I ran to life itself and fell on my knees      pleading
It is elegant as a mute swan, As rhythmic as the beating of a drum,  That is poetry. It portrays detailed visions, The world as seen through the writers eyes, That is poetry. It is as long as life,
Not trying to impress, Only trying to express, But i digress. Ingest my ideas Regress to a state With no hate Grate my brain to rid it of pain I can't explain O world refrain
There once was a man named Ruben Roland, That lived in the country of Poland. He was at the age of twenty-seven, When he made his trip to Heaven.
His long neck around her own She gasps for air in short breaths Her bottem lip caught in his beak is starting to bleed and drip onto his soft and white feathered body, which lays upon her own soft body.
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