The Black Swan

There once was an egg left all alone,

whose shell was slightly a different tone.

Despite it’s color,

a duck became its mother.


Weeks fluttered by until one day,

babies came out to play.

Out of the shells they fell,

to a new world ready to hear it well.


Only one baby was a little late,

inside she wanted to wait

Mother duck was worried,

but she didn’t want baby to be hurried.


Finally  the day was right,

she broke the shell with all her might!

Giggles filled the air,

as baby stood ready to fight.


The ducklings began to hate their sister,

as she soon learned quicker.

That the skills to be a duck,

seemed much easier than luck.


UGLY! They cried,

as the jealousy never died.

Soon they began to fly,

and big sister could fly VERY high.


She rose to the top of her class,

graduating above the mass.

And soon realized she was not a duck,

but that the other ducklings were a schmuck


With some asking around,

she quickly found.

That she was a swan,

and her whole life was a con!


Off she flew to the sunrise,

where she plotted her siblings demise.

"I’ll get them one day!"

She began to say.


The ducklings never knew,

that the word ugly would be their due.

For from that day on,

their enemy would be known as the black swan.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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