A Swan in Love

I want you so much it physically hurts.

I would do anything for you.

I would go anywhere with you.

Don't you see?

No other woman could please you

Or love you like I can.


But it wont matter.

Soon, you will be off,

And you will forget about me.

You will forget our memories.


No matter what,

Hope will always be lit inside of me.

Hoping for the day you and I

Meet for the first time again.


Until then,

I have to learn to make myself happy.

To make myself open my heart again.

Forgetting you will cause more pain

Than forgetting you.


If I have to,

I will search the world for you.

I will overcome any type of disaster.

Even though I cannot fly,

I will soar the oceans for you.


I just hope...

That by the time we meet

For the first time again,

The burning hope and love

doesn't slowly kill me.

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