body shaming

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Mirror mirror on the wall, You’re not thin, pretty or tall. What I show you  Makes you feel small. My aim is to break you  Once and for all.
Hey you, come join our squad You’ll be so great, the audience most definitely will applaud…   ...For us. We’re a team You better believe we’ll shine bright and gleam  
Those words, The ones that tear you apart piece by piece. The little words.
Before I learned to think in her critical voice,
You propped your torso above the sweaty mat, resting on tense arms, arms rippling and sculpted and wrapped in serpentine tattoos I'd long stopped crunching my body into a pretzel
Dear society, Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for telling women that they are worthless unless they have double-d breasts and wear a size zero. Thank you for telling African Americans that they are only beautiful when they don w
It was March. As always, I got home late. But this time, this time, my head was sore, hair pulled prodded yanked, as a handle  for my apparently convenient mouth. I reeked of Kingsport.
Am I nothing more than a waist line? A product of starving models, and purging diets. Because everyone wants 23 precent less than me. I am made to feel ashamed of what life has given me,
You see with your eyes, but we see with our hearts.  You feel with your hands, but we feel with our souls.  You are not what we see or feel. You don't see us and you don't feel us. 
You look at me and say "I want that' I look at you and say "I want that" But why can't we look in the mirror and say "I like that?"   Instead of saying I wouldn't mind a little less
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