Grand Blanc High School Cheerleading

Hey you, come join our squad

You’ll be so great, the audience most definitely will applaud…


...For us. We’re a team

You better believe we’ll shine bright and gleam


At the competition you’ll get recognition. Everyone will perform

The whole team is included, no one will be excluded. We stick together, that’s the norm


We’re not like the average stereotypes

We respect each girl as long as their loud enough to yipe


No matter what size, color, or how you look,

We’ll never treat you like a McDonald’s cook


We’re all in this together, you see

Us cheerleaders help one another become who we each are meant to be


We don’t give people sass, we show a huge amount of class

We’ll never push you down so you fall and land on your ass


So what do you say? Will you join our squad or nay?

If you join, you know, it would totally make our day


Was that a yes we heard? Yay! We’re so excited

Its time to get the show on the road and the party ignited


Practice starts tomorrow, be there or be square

Little do you know its going to be start of when we treat you unfair

So don’t even bother to braid your hair…


...Its our signature thing but that doesn’t matter

We’ll actually be in the competition, for you it will be the latter


Our favorite girls have long been picked out by the coaches

Unless you’re one of the team stars, you’ll get treated like the roaches


Nevermind that you paid the requirement of over 1,000 dollars for team gymnastics

You can go sit out while everyone else gets the chance to learn and be fantastic


Go do us all a favor and linger in the back of the gym without making a peep

So, big deal if we make you go home and cry yourself to sleep


Sorry, we lied. It turns out we’re just a big bunch of bitches

That’s probably why cheerleading is every single one of our niches

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