Thanks for Everything, Society

Dear society, Thank you for being such a great friend. Thank you for telling women that they are worthless unless they have double-d breasts and wear a size zero. Thank you for telling African Americans that they are only beautiful when they don white culture and neglect their true originality. Thanks for saying that even then they are more deserving of hatred and violence than any white person. Thank you for suggesting that someone cannot be trusted to know themself until they reach a certain age, as though self-knowledge suddenly turns on the day of your 18th birthday. Thank you for making college so expensive. It's not like the freedom to better yourself should be a fundamental human right or anything.Thank you for teaching everyone to hate ourselves so that we buy products that make us hate ourselves even more. Thank you for informing us that everyone is unequal, as though one sentient clump of cells could be radically superior to others because of something so minor as race, gender, or belief. Thank you for war. Thank you that people die from curable diseases simply because we can't agree on the fact that no one should have to pay tremendous amounts of money to not die.Thank you for all the starving children and abusive fathers.Thanks for a Puerto Rico in ruins and a president who plays golf instead of helping. Thank you for shaming social justice warriors who are just trying their best to make the world a better place. But most of all thank you for me. Thank you for teaching me that my voice doesn't matter, that 120 pounds isn't skinny enough, that I have to choose between brains or beauty as though mascara glues my eyes shut and keeps me from reading Voltaire. Thank you for judging me for who I love and criticizing my kindness. Thank you for outcasting my brilliance and praising my vanity. Thanks society. You're a real pal.Love, Lauren

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My community
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Our world
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