You see with your eyes, but we see with our hearts. 

You feel with your hands, but we feel with our souls. 

You are not what we see or feel. You don't see us and you don't feel us. 

You are the creator, you give us the entry to your heart and soul.... 

Whenever you're ready, ready to see you the way we do. 

You hide in the dark when your light is so bright. 

You wade in the water when you wave is so strong. 

You sit in the fog when your dreams are so clear. 

You let yourself drown in the elements of life, 

gasping for air in the cold, 

clawing the earth with hopes to be saved from yourself. 

You are not society, you are human... 

flesh and bones with emotions to show.

Show us who you really are. 

You pump, you lift and you sweat everything out, 

but are muscles really the gain? 

Who are you leaving behind for the new you?

Is there even anymore room left for to be noticed?

When you get lost in pounds who is supposed to set you free? 

Why follow the crowd and become petrified of your own exquisite features.

You are your own person, not Channing Tatum or Morris Chestnut.... 

You create your reality. So why not make it a phenomenal one. 

When you rise, we rise, we are no longer hidden or ashamed... 

We are open and free and ready to be seen... SHOW THEM. 




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