abuse against women

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There’s a ringing in her from stretch to stint, bringing on a certainty that made her sweat rigid. Not in for the drive of your life, spare her first precious years.
they tell me to stay quiet classy women don't speak loud inside voices you'll enrage the men who are proud   hoping someone would yell for me I stayed silent but it is inevitable 
I am a woman, strong and powerful, with the world in my hands. Willing to take a stand for all the others to speak out against the damn stereotypical idea that we may all be difficult. 
Dear Little Madi,  
Pretty woman   Mountains and hills They display with pride, But tromping and staked flags claim And say they never belonged as their own  
I wake up in the morningAnd alreadyI don’t know where my day has gone.I run to the bathroom,Slap some makeup on.
A crash course in love for those with little time and no experience:   Welcome You may not be sure why you’re here After all, ever since we’re young we’re taught love
Land of the Free As a whole, we have never been free. The only people who are free happen to be white. Minorities have been treated like animals and unwanted vistors, To a country they were born in.
"You should smile more," he says I remain silent, now on edge, awakened I pray my silence will be matched in return Unfortunately for me, I am quite mistaken   "C'mon sweetie, why don't you smile for me?"
walking through hallways of deceased childhoods and wet pillowcases where little boys and girls couldn’t find protection in their own homes their lips cold
Mommy lost her virginity at sixteen. Or maybe seventeen. She doesn't really remember anymore. She doesn't remember much of that day, actually.   That was a stuffy little town.
He hurt me. I have lost count of things broken and blood spilled. 1,5,20 to many punches to the gut and kicks to the shin. Remeber how you burned my skin?
Unwilling, Unforgiving, Everlasting, Darkness exhumed my body Intoxicated by nothing, A monster overcame Survived by nothingness, Indisposed   Time corroding mortality,
Torn Outside there sits a beautiful woman Absolutely breathtaking As she continues with her daily motions Everything looks good She seems happy.
7:00 am My alarm screams at me like a tea kettle wanting to be taken off the burner.
Let the Rain wash away all the pain from yesterday. Let the Sun burn away all the hate from yesterday. Let the Air whisk away all the hurt from yesterday. Let the Earth bury away all the suffering from yesterday.  
I love you in the simplest ways I can imagine I fell for every shattered puzzle piece put back together like shards bloodied by broken dreams And each cut that I got felt so right I never even felt the pain
cold hands which anchor a young daughter's soul  the introduction to a labyrinth never ending yet what is love but a mere property of The man in which case i will always belong to thee
  As her mother and father sent her off to bed Little did she know what came to led A 13-year-old girl should be out playing with a friend But instead this is her end A marriage she never wanted
I was fifteen and so naive,Didn't know any better,He was eighteen, and seemed so sweet,But he changed like the weather.
"Sit down" he screams "shut up" he screams The voice piercing the night sky The voice, that was once loved, is now the definition of hatred and loating
Misused, abused and left sitting confused Disrespected & rejected
The tears fall down my cheeks, The wounds will never heal. It burns, stings, tugs, The pain is so surreal.  
Tick tock, tick tockThe clock is screamingMy tears are sreamingIs he here tonight?  
Leaving you A hundred tears roll down my cheek I choke on my preplanned speech I am scared wondering Why you look so frail You make it hard to speak But I must do what’s best for me
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