Pretty Woman

Pretty woman


Mountains and hills

They display with pride,

But tromping and staked flags claim

And say they never belonged as their own


Pretty woman


Winds and waves crashing without preservation

Boarded and blocked with bricked walls

And tornado halls

Pretty woman becomes scared woman

Pretty woman hides mountains and hills

Behind foggy days and stormy nights

Praying to keep them one last time


Pretty woman


Winds and waves dying down

Hoping to never make another sound


Scared woman becomes Silenced woman


No more mountains

No more hills

No more winds

No more waves


Silenced woman can take no more


Silenced woman becomes strong woman


Mountains and hills displayed unreserved

Feet and flags firmly planted

Standing firmly against those seeing to steal and claim



Knowing they belong to no one else

Strong woman knocking buildings

Knocking trees

Knocking shores

Knowing they are a force to recon

Knowing they will be seen

Knowing they will be heard

They are their own


Strong woman IS beautiful woman


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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