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We may always try our best, But to the rest our best is not up for the test. We take a test try our best,  But sometimes we don't impress. Try your best every day. Today may be the day you do your best 
So many things I be want to slur So many thoughts I want to want to ask as time dies I keep it to myself, that is the best way to protect those around If I said everything that came to mind id be shipped off to a island,
You try to run You try to hide You try to go put on a disguise But your disguise is made up of real lies And the only way to see through it is with real eyes But why do you run? Is it because you're scared
what is a freak? one who lives to the strangest peaks the ones who we secretly seek those whom show their scars those we admire from afar they are the truest stars
I see you hiding behind the pain  black eyes on your face but you're saying "I'm okay" no person deserves that inflicted pain upon their face
I am me I am proud ill sing it low, ill sing it loud. I am proud of what i am now you cant change me im solid now. I am who im ment to be Im happy now, proud and free.
Inspiration to most, especially for his athletic skills Faster than lightning, that is when speed kills Six foot, 160 pounds, going against brick walls But the taller they are, the harder they fall
Dear Troublesome child that comes into this life, Try not to do anything to cause strife. Remember to be kind And to not go blind. Watch those around you,
Dear Future Me,  When will you ever grow up? When will you begin to be the child your parents always wanted, but could never have? Will you ever thank your family?  Or your friends? 
We all know that once upon a time This blonde headed animal lover was fine as a dime She had friends that were mice to feel less alone For her stepsisters and stepmother had taken over her home
They say that time heals all wounds. But what if the pain Never subsides, And the bleeding never stops? And the scars that people wish they could rub off, You’d give anything to have instead.
I lived alone.   Not a soul nearby, I could cry and scream and nobody would hear a thing. I thought that was life. That was all. But you made me realize how small
Don't forget the crash Don't forget the burn Every word spoken The ones that hurt. Don't forget the incredulous The ones who don't believe. Stay tough and prove to them That YOU are strong
A pop of color, A shimmer of light, That is all you need To feel a little less trite. A hint of pink, A bit of blue, Paint your canvas, oh sky, This is your venue. I see that dragon,
I am not like the others; I don't act like my sisters and brothers. I feel like a dim star that can't be seen from afar. I feel like a broken ignition that can't start a car.
Are you lyin' to me
All day The filter is up Every day "What if I'm not perfect enough?" My makeup must be 'on point' That perfect angle must be found Fake smiles are my filter
Don't smoke or I'll rip your lips off, says your mother with a cigarette in her mouth. If you drink I'll kill you, says your father with a beer in his hand.
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