Cinderellas Afterstory

We all know that once upon a time

This blonde headed animal lover was fine as a dime

She had friends that were mice to feel less alone

For her stepsisters and stepmother had taken over her home

And her name was Ella.

We all know that her family was torn apart

And when her father died, so was her heart

She broke down in tears at the night of the ball

But her fairy god mother picked her up before she could fall

For she wanted to meet this Fella


We all know she got to meet her prince

but the thought that really just makes me wince

is the fact that they said they lived "Happily Ever After"

I'm not saying this to ruin your childhood

But people should know, so I thought I would -

tell you about what happened after the matter...


Poor little Ella dear, but poor Eric as well (I must confess)

For her prince charming who WAS a prince 

So dearly wanted to be a princESS!

Poor Eric with his uncompationate father..

He never understood why his son wanted to be his daughter..

so he arranged the marriage with this beautiful Ella

Who would soon face a serious delemma.

Alas! But this was so long ago and I must say that back then,

He could only dress as a beautiful princess behind the backs of Ella

(and his father's men)


And so behold the truth my dear

but I have an important message to you

In today's society we must know it's okay to live without fear

and be ourselves. So don't be afraid to be you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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