I'm Mine

Tue, 03/29/2016 - 01:27 -- oreokk

I lived alone.


Not a soul nearby,

I could cry and scream

and nobody would hear a thing.

I thought that was life.

That was all.

But you made me realize how small

my imagined world really was,

and I gave you my all.


Now you say 'forever'

like it's just another word,

like I should have heard it all before.

But you don't understand how it pours

hope and love into me,

how it starts my old-engine heart

that hasn't run in this part of a century.


You say I'm yours,

but what if I want to be mine?

I'm so tired of all the "poor her"s 

that follow the line of my confusion.

I need you to be fine

but I need to be mine.


It's an awful dance

we swing and fall into a trance

when we are so close our eyes

can no longer focus enough to see

the lies we tell to be fine.

Then we push away,

break the stare holding us there,

we fight the glare our light gives off

and we see.

It all starts again,

but not this time.

Back then I would have said yes

but now I want to be fine so I'm saying

I'm not yours,

I'm mine.

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